5000 miles and rolling



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Cruz Moose high stepping towards Paris and the PBP


“Lucy the Wonder Dog” quilt

It time to start thinking Paris-Brest-Paris.  What is the best bike set-up for the ride?  What are my PBP bike requirements?  It must be fairly fast,  durable, comfortable , and  be able to carry 12 pounds of gear .  It must be able to fit in a shipping container to avoid any additional shipping costs.  Sounds pretty easy on paper — not so  easy in reality.  The Cruz Moose is my current bike of choice but he is going to have to prove himself before he earns a trip across the pond.  Cruz started the certification process the week of the 300 K Summer Solstice and took his share of lumps and I was left wondering if I have become a soft  girlie-man rider.


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Moose saddle blankets

Seat cushions can serve several useful purposes on a recumbent.  Not only do they provide comfort and add some color to your ride, using different cushion thicknesses will change the leg distance to pedals as well as the knee clearance at the handlebars.  The wily rider can use this to dial in the perfect fit.  Below is a collection of cushions and their thicknesses.



                                                                                                              Stock:  Thickness     43mm                                     Checkered Flag  Thickness  8 mm



Jail Break Thickness 2.3 mm                                  Rubber padding Thickness 2mm


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Trans Am then comes RAAM

Get ready recumbent fans.  The next few weeks are full of ultracycling racing.  The inaugural Trans American race is up first and is less than 24 hours to the start (7 June) in Astoria Oregon.  Three days later (10 June) the Race Across America and RAW (Race Across the West) kick off.trans-am

Trans Am :  It starts on 7 june at 5 a.m. in Astoria, Oregon, and ends 4,233 miles later in Yorktown, Virginia.  This is their first year so no-one knows what to expect.  It certainly has piqued my interest.  No support, no SAG’s, no clock,  no whining, no nothing– just hard-core, old school racing. This will be an interesting race to track.  You can follow the riders’ progress HERE.   I know of three recumbent riders who have committed to race but none have turned on their trackers yet.  Stay tuned.  We still have time to figure out if they make it to the starting line or not.

*  Update:   John “Rocketman” Williams age 64 from Albany, Oregon is up and ready riding a socked Gold Rush.  You can follow him at the link provided above.  A good bike choice for this kind of race!

RAW :  This is the baby RAAM where racers complete the Oceanside to Durango leg of RAAM.  Recumbent land has one team entered in the two-person category.  That would be Red Pearl Racing with Sandy Earl and Bill Spaeth.  Yes, they will fly the skull and crossbones.  Track the RAW riders here.  Go Red Pearl!

* Rumor has it that there is a two male  team where one rider is racing on a diamond frame and the other is on a recumbent.  If anyone can confirm this please let us know.

RAAM : No intro required for the big daddy of ultra racing!  We have three recumbent racers participating in Solo RAAM this year. Follow all the solo RAAM racers  Here.

Russian adventurer Sergey Zimin at 70 plus years of age will be making his third attempt  at RAAM.  This year he is riding in the 70-74 age category.  He is listed as riding a HPV but come on guys look at his bike. It’s a recumbent.  I wish the very best for Sergey.

Dennis Johnson will ride his Bacchetta in the 60 plus age group.  Remember Dennis from last years RAW?  He was fast, very fast.  Look for him to be at the front of the pack.  Good luck Dennis.

The Team Jac Attack will represent the recumbents in one of the largest and most competitive women’s fields in a long time.  Jacquie Schlitter of Team Vite fame is ready and able.  Look for a very strong showing from the Jac Attack.     Go Jacquie!



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Why bring up 2015 PBP now?



The upcoming weeks are loaded with cycling excitement,  RAAM, the Trans Am, and the Tour de France. The next Paris-Brest-Paris will be held on 16th August 2015, so why bring up an event occurring more than a year away?   Because if you are even a little interested in this event you need to understand the process now or inadvertently find yourself waiting until 2019 before you have another chance at what is perhaps the best amateur cycling event on the planet. Continue reading

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Confessions of a Cruzbike Denier

Untitled-1 copyYes its true.  Go back several years.  Cruzbike was coming on board with a funny looking recumbent and making grand performance claims.   My problem was these claims appeared to be unsubstantiated. Not to mention the Cruzbike looked more like a timber cutting saw than a bicycle.  The recumbent community was ruthless in the blogosphere .   I was one of those attackers.  Lets just say Floyd Landis’ attacks on Greg Le Mond couldn’t have been worse or more misguided.
What did Cruzbike do?  They set World records. So what did we deniers do?  Challenged them to enter more races.  They did and won.  Then came RAcrowAM and at this point most of the deniers were gone or at least silenced.  What did I do?  Well, I bought a Silvio and ate a lot of crow.

Today’s Assault on Mt. Mitchell should go down as a very special day for Cruzbike.  Why?  Charlie and Maria’s fantastic performances have set the bar for climbing recumbents.  Cruzbike now holds the bragging rights.    I’ve got to go—and eat some crow.  Pass the salt please.

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Silvio’s number one accessory

extension1It doesn’t look like much but often times looks can be deceiving.  At first glance the photo on the left is probably unrecognizable to non-Cruzbike riders but Cruzbikers will quickly identify it as a Chainstay extension.  It may well be the number one accessory for the Cruzbike Silvio. The chainstay extension was initially designed to lengthen the boom for riders with exceptionally long legs.    The extensions solved the problem for those long-legged fellows by extending the boom out giving them the correct leg to pedal reach. These extensions are now becoming very popular with the average size Silvio owners. Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

May 1955: Early indications that a front wheel drive, moving bottom bracket would be my ride of choice in 2014. Note the traditional style bike in the background was even disregarded back then. Must have been those sissy training wheels.

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A good week to folllow the go-fast folks


Photo by cyclingexperiences.com

The Assault on Mount Mitchell is exactly one week from today (Monday 19th May).  This is a 102 mile climbfest up the highest peak east of the Mississippi (Mt. Mitchell N.C.).  Those unfamiliar with the ride should know this is one of the premier road bike climbing events of the year.  Entry is limited to around 800 riders and all the who’s who of climbing show up.

Photo by lightfootcycles.com

Photo by lightfootcycles.com

Cruzbike fans will be happy to know Maria  will be there riding her trademark yellow missile representing Cruzbike.  Charlie Ollinger will be riding his  Vendetta and making the menfolk proud.     Everyone is familiar with Maria’s Palmares,  but Charlie may be an unknown to some.  Charlie comes from a fixie background and was recently suckered recruited into the recumbent fold. Continue reading

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Gaining on Perfection

silvioperfectionThe Cruz Moose is an amazing bike.  It was a slow start but after each mile I begin to smile more and more.  He is growing on me at an accelerated rate.  I think the slow start had  a lot to do with leaving Moose in the garage when I rode off on the Cruz.  The recent demise of Ms Daisy and the adoption of  Moose  by Connie has changed things a lot. Moose is getting out now and I don’t have that abandonment complex. Two major developments this week.   Continue reading

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